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6 marketing strategies for your conveyancing firm in 2022

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With conveyancing firms returning to full swing in 2022 it is time to start thinking about how you will stand out among the growing competition in the market by reassessing your marketing strategies.  

In order to help choose what marketing strategies will work best for your firm, you will need to conduct an analysis for the following:  

Marketing goals – Define your marketing goals and ensure they align with your firm’s business goals 

Target audience – Understanding and defining your target audience—including their characteristics, purchasing habits when it comes to services, and pain points.  

Market analysis – Think about the size of the business opportunity your conveyancing firm has, based on your practice area(s), geographical location, target audience, etc.  

Competitive analysis – You need to understand how and what your competitors are doing. What are the characteristics of your competitors? What is their market share? How do they try to differentiate themselves from other firms? 

Core message – This is the key message you want your target audience to know about your firm. 

Pricing and promotion – How will you price and promote your services?  

Marketing Strategies 

Once you have outlined your role within the industry the next stage will be to start building the content and strategies you’re going to implement. While there is a near endless number of marketing strategies you can use, to get you started here six easy suggestions: 

1. Start by building a brand story 

Most conveyancing firm marketing sounds the same. However, if you have conducted your market and competitive analysis well, you’ll know what your competition is saying and how you can set yourself up for success. The best way to do this is to define what makes your firm unique so you can build an original brand story around it. 

2. Demonstrate credibility 

A solid conveyancing marketing plan should involve both passive and active marketing activities. 

A good example of passive marketing is your website copy and design, which can help build credibility and authority for your firm. 

  • Awards 
  • Testimonials and reviews 
  • Case studies  

Whereas active marketing means networking with other businesses and customers. For example, reaching out to your target audience through social platforms like Instagram 

3. Run an SEO campaign to improve visibility in search engines 

SEO needs to be a prominent part of most conveyancing firms’ marketing plans in 2022. According to Intergrowth, 75 per cent of people never go past the first page of Google. While Search Engine Journal states that 93 per cent of online experiences begin with a search engine. 

Making improvements to your SEO, a vital tool to get clicks and traffic. 

Here are some suggestions for attracting links

  • Guest posts: Submit guest posts to reputable websites in your industry to earn valuable backlinks, 
  • Infographics: The beauty of infographics is that they are informative and easily shareable. Every time another website posts your graphic, you should get a backlink. 
  • Blogging: High-quality content will naturally attract attention on other websites and generate backlinks. 
  • Podcasting: You could create a podcast where you discuss legal topics or field questions, encouraging backlinks. 
  • eBooks, case studies, and other downloadable content: Books, eBooks, reports, white papers, and other high-quality content can be used as lead magnets or distributed freely to encourage backlinks from other websites that may find your content useful for their visitors. 

 4. Blog posts and articles in conveyancing 

There are several types of content and resources you can provide on your website and beyond. 

Contributing articles to your own blog, guest blogging for other sites, submitting legal content articles to publications and publishing larger bodies of written work like eBooks and whitepapers all have multiple benefits and is an inexpensive option to maintain.  

5. Create promotional and educational video content 

An important part of your content strategy can be video. With the age of news and media consumption built around fast and easily accessible technology like social media, producing short educational videos will help your business be featured more prominently.  

According to an infographic from Filmora, you’re 53 times more likely to feature on the first page of Google if you include video. They also build credibility and trust, generate new leads, and improve conversion rates. 

6. Develop engaging attorney biographies 

A conveyancing firm is only as good as its practitioners. An easy way to market your skilled staff is with an engaging bio for each conveyancer in the firm. People trust people, and offering bios for your conveyancers and staff creates an opportunity for potential clients to learn more about you, before they trust you with buying or selling their property. 

Ultimately, using various marketing strategies will help promote your conveyancers, business reputation and credibility within a growing community of conveyancing businesses. For more tips and insights into how you can grow your firm and skills, download The Conveyancing Handbook Edition 2: A Guide to Success in 2023.

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