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5 ways to find the perfect transaction partner

Perfect partnership

A successful and smooth property sales transaction is the result of forming a perfect transaction partner with numerous professional stakeholders working in harmony and in the best interests of vendors and buyers.

It’s the engine room that navigates the required detail of title searches and legal obligations that support the often-emotional element of a real estate sale.

Conveyancers and real estate agents are in the centre of it. The relationship between these practitioners is therefore critical. Respect, positivity, and effective communication holds the key, say representatives of both professions.

It’s a symbiotic partnership and getting it right brings ongoing business referrals and ongoing work for agents and conveyancers alike.

As the face of the transaction, agents will likely be the first opportunity for your business to be chosen for any conveyancing needs.

Here are five tips that may help your business secure productive stakeholder relationships:

1. Communication

Being a good communicator will be a great start to building your agent relationship. Fast response times, friendly interactions, accurate, and professional are all key factors to use across all communication channels. Doing this will show the agent you are capable of providing an efficient service and make your business more referrable.

2. Know the market

Knowing the ebbs and flows of the property market, and any major trends which could affect your workflow directly will be an important benefit when communicating with an agent. Having a deep understanding of the property market is essential for any conveyancer, but it’s especially important when working with real estate agents. Agents want to work with someone who can provide valuable insights into the market and help them make informed decisions.

3. Utilise technology

Using technology in your workflow goes hand-in-hand with providing an efficient and excellent service for all stakeholders in the conveyancing industry. Especially with an integrated practice management software system, you can construct your digital contract and have it with the agent within 10 minutes. Providing a service like this is a sure-fire way to build a good relationship with a real estate agent.

4. Networking

By networking with an agent and fellow conveyancers, you could connect with more potential clients, gain greater knowledge and understanding of industry trends and take advantage of the type of mentoring and support that comes with sharing mistakes, successes, and advice.

5. Transparency

Being upfront with mistakes or outlining expectations to an agent can go a long way to gaining favour with an agent. Sharing your workflow in initial stages of building the relationship will outline what tools you utilise, how it will align with their business and workflow, as well as set honest expectations for time periods. It will also establish a trustworthy bond which will be important for solving any potential issues as they arise.

Establishing connections with agents can be done in a range of ways. Ultimately, once you’ve finished developing a strong transaction partner, the connection will be an important factor to the success of your business.

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