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5 tips to attract clients to your conveyancing firm

Attract clients to your conveyancing firm

Whether you are running a large practice, are new to the market, or anything in between, it’s important to attract clients. Running a firm takes two distinct skills – technical knowledge of your industry and business acumen.

In an industry saturated with competition, it’s important for conveyancers to be an expert in both.

As the property market bounces back so too does the demand for conveyancing services. You want to ensure your firm is set up to capitalise on this growth. Here are five tips that can be used by any conveyancer, regardless of the size of your business, budget or marketing aptitude.

  1. Networking and building relationships

All potential clients are looking to engage legal professionals who give them trust and confidence, so making personable connections with people at networking events can be an effective way to do just that. Networking can be utilised both inside and outside the industry.

For networking within your industry, attending CPD events and joining Small Business Groups can be an effective way to meet business partners.

While you may not be speaking to clients directly, you’ll meet real estate agents, legal practitioners or professionals that can refer work to you.

For networking outside your industry, utilising online platforms like LinkedIn can also help you connect with potential clients and other influential business owners.

Similarly, contributing to discussions and answering questions posted on online forums could also help to raise your business’ profile as a trusted player in the field.

  1. Create repeat business, referrals and reviews

Word of mouth marketing is valuable to any business. It’s one of those marketing strategies that is hard to manufacture but can be a quick road to success if done right.

Building strong relationships with your clients is a good place to start. There are moments when dealing with clients feels more like two friends helping each other rather than a business transaction. These kinds of relationships create the perfect environment for asking for referrals and reviews.

If your client has had a good experience with your business, it’s mutually beneficial for them to pass on the good word to their networks, and they will almost always be happy to oblige.

  1. Keep your fees competitive

There are lawyers and conveyancers in every corner of the country, all competing for the same business. To stand out from this competition you need to be offering your clients the best possible value for your services.

The easiest way to stand out is by dropping your fees, without effecting your bottom line. This can be achieved through using low cost solutions.

If pass on your disbursements, you need to find providers that will give you the lowest cost without interrupting your workflows. triSearch operate with a ‘lowest price guaranteed’ model where you can get the same Searches at the industries best cost, without compromising on service or workflow.

If your business is fixed-fee, you can add the savings from low cost Searching straight to your bottom line.

This can then make up the budget for marketing, hiring more staff and general growth. All of which can help to make your business more efficient and ultimately attract more clients.

  1. Invest in your website

Investment into your website doesn’t necessarily mean money. Investing time in your website is one of the best things you can do for your business. Your website is often the first impression for a lot of potential clients.

When creating the website, you want to spend some time up front planning. You want to be clear on the message you want to convey to your clients and be confident on how you want it to look.

Once you’ve mapped that out, the building stage will come easy. You can look to competitors for inspiration, to see what they’ve done well and where their website has weak points.

  1. Focus on your core business

As a conveyancer, communicating with your client is important – keeping them updated on key stages in their settlement and putting any of their fears, nerves or hesitations to rest.

By outsourcing certain activities, you will free up professional time to focus on your clients.

By utilising conveyancing tools like legal agents, Verification of Identity and electronic conveyancing services you can create a positive overall experience that will dictate customer satisfaction, repeat business and word of mouth referrals.

As the property market booms so does the demand for conveyancing services. You need to ensure your firm is equipped to be able to grow and attract new clients year-round. If clients have a positive experience with your firm, they will become advocates for you and your business.

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