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3 ways your Practice can improve it’s digital transition

Digital transition

In an age of digital transformation, it’s important for your firm to keep up with trends and emerging technologies. We all know the impact technology can have and how it can create efficient operations, streamline processes or improving your ‘work-smart’ factor.

As the landscape continues to evolve there are practices you can adopt to ensure your digital transition is smooth and ongoing.

1. Keep an open mind

Opportunities to adopt technology present themselves almost daily. Whether it be a sales call from a software provider or an advertisement for new a document management system, it’s important to be open to change. You don’t need to stick to the traditional way of doing things simply because you have been doing it for a while. While change can be daunting, it’s also necessary.

Monitor your news feeds on social media or other platforms to see what opportunities are present. Check out what systems or technologies your competitors are using and see what’s working for them. When you do come across an opportunity, make sure you give it proper thought before disregarding.

2. Plan for it

While opportunity for technological adoption can come at any time, it’s good practice to plan for it. You may not know exactly what will change in the coming months but ensure you allocate budget, time or staff to review possible opportunities as they arise.

Planning could include the creation of a project team or task force that will look at these opportunities on top of their daily roles. Engage your staff early to get their buy-in and ensure you have a system for calculating your return on investment. Preparation is key when changing anything.

3. Lead by example

Don’t just tell other people in your firm to adopt technology. Adopt it yourself, share your experience and encourage everyone to follow. Again, change is daunting but if people can see how successful something is, the entire process becomes easier to follow.Coming up with a new way to present something, share something or complete a task is more likely for a firm to adopt when it’s seen in practice. By getting it done yourself you can inspire others to follow. Great leaders lead from the front!

Every business is guilty of running with outdated practices, processes or systems that have since been improved. By continuing to use these, you’re essentially slowing your firms progress. In a competitive market, these small improvements can make all the difference when winning a client over. It you can service them faster or for cheaper, you’re much more likely to win their business.

There are several solutions in the market can solve one, or all of your pain points in the office. triSearch offer an end-to-end eConveyancing workflow that streamlines the entire conveyancing process. With the eSettlements mandates in VIC, and recently NSW, now is a great time to review your processes and see where triSearch can slot in to speed things up.

If you need assistance, or want to chat about your digital transition, please feel free to get in touch with one of our consultants.

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