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3 strategies for gathering valuable customer feedback

Client Feedback methods conveyancers should use.

Gathering valuable customer feedback can help bolster your reputation and provide you with genuine content for any searching or interested prospects.

There are many methods and styles of content you can use to promote your practice, but one of the most valued by a consumer, will likely be what other consumers have said. Especially in today’s digital world.

Help Scout added that taking a proactive approach to collecting customer feedback ensures you never stray from the needs of your community, even as their needs evolve.

This is especially important in a service-based industry like conveyancing, with so many competitors throughout Australia, having a stella reputation and reviews from your clientele will help guide your prospects to your services.

Before you get to using the content for your marketing however, you first need to collect it. To help, here are three strategies for gathering customer feedback.

1. Send a feedback survey

Surveys are a great way to get answers to the exact questions you want to ask. It’s easy to send them out to large groups of people and get a lot of useful insights back. 

Surveys can also be sent out individually or attached at the end of your service.

The beauty of a survey is the wide breath of data you can collect from each. You can ask about specific times throughout the conveyance which may be important touch points in the industry.

Asking how your communication was, the security they felt using your services and the overall experience are all good areas to ask as a conveyancing practice.

2. Text for customer feedback

Free reply text messages are a great strategy to get instant, convenient, and specific feedback for your services.

Text message feedback is also an easy method if you’re placing emphasis on your support and interaction with your client throughout the conveyance. If they feel comfortable receiving calls and text messages from you throughout the property transaction, the client will likely be more inclined to respond to your text message asking for feedback.

3. Interview your customers

Especially in conveyancing, customer satisfaction must be the number one focus to secure consistent client referrals.

To ensure satisfaction at every step in the customer journey, the most important tip is to regularly check in on happiness and assist with any questions or clarity needed.

Regularly checking in throughout the conveyance will give you a good relationship to call for feedback once the property transaction is over.  

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