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3 Customer Experience Tips for Conveyancers

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The conveyancing industry is starting to regain its normality in a post-pandemic world, putting customer experience back at the top of the list between a one off client, or a repeat and referral client.

With so many options to choose from in a busy conveyancing industry, taking your client through an experience with minimal stress, clear transparency and efficiency, can put you a cut above the rest.

Customer experience (also known as CX) is defined by the interactions and experiences your customer has with your business throughout the entire customer journey, from first contact, interactions throughout the conveyance to post settlement and transaction completion.

Offering the right customer experience isn’t just about diligently getting through your workflow of the conveyance but guiding your client on their property journey. To help, here are some tips for improving your customer experience as a conveyancer.

1. Empathise with the Experience

Whether you’ve gone through the process yourself, or just a member of the conveyancing industry, you will have a great idea of the stress involved in a property transaction.

Ensuring you’re presenting yourself as someone who can help guide and work throw the issues they’ll encounter will help alleviate the anxiety your clients will no doubt be experiencing, if possible, encourage key staff to do the same.

 Kate Warrington of Academic Partnerships said: “Understanding the experience on a personal level can help to pinpoint areas of friction that may not stand out when reviewing processes and procedures through a more objective lens.”

2. What are your Client’s Pain Points

No doubt, if it’s your client’s first property transaction, safety and stress of a high value transaction will no doubt be a pain point for them.

But you need to go one step further than understanding them but educate what your process is that will help avoid any potential fraud or incidents.  

One strategy to reassure your clients, is by communicating all sensitive information and sharing documents through the secure portal, Communicate, available through Conveyancing practice management software, triConvey.

3. Listen, and ask your customers questions.

Customer service is all about communication — and a key aspect of communication is listening. 

While you know what action your client should make is correct, safe and appropriate, they may not and therefore, ask a lot of questions and need reassurance.

Being able to actively listen to your customers and engage them with an appropriate and reassuring response will no doubt give you a leg up on your competition.

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