Stay organised, keep communications secure, and keep your clients up to speed.

What is Communicate?

Communicate is a secure file sharing and messaging platform, that allows you to keep your conversations secure and keep your team up to speed. The communications tool can be used to message internally to other staff or to other firms.

triConvey users can:

  • View and comment on files received
  • Upload files
  • Read and send messages all from a secure browser or mobile app, removing the need for email

The tool replaces the many email threads and text chains you may have in your office, with one simple and streamlined communication platform. 

triConvey communicate feature image.
triConvey communicate file sharing.


The tool was designed specifically to enhance internal and external firm communications and collaboration.

  • Preview of all conversations – In Communicate you get a preview of all active conversations in a panel. It previews the matter information and people who are in the conversation.
  • Messaging – you can message any users or third parties in relation to a specific matter. You also have the ability to edit, delete or copy messages within the conversation.
  • File sharing – you can send files as a message. The files will be stored in a ‘files’ tab, so you can easily access them in the future.s

Security of Communicate

  • Two Factor authentication – two-factor authentication is required to gain access to information.
  • Data Encryption – Messages are encrypted and unable to be intercepted by third parties while they are in transit.
  • Device/ IP Address memory – Once two-factor authentication is complete, Communicate will remember your device and unless you are logging in using a trusted device, you will be required to identify yourself again.
  • Security monitoring – Communicate uses Auth0 technology for its secure login. This technology constantly monitors for unknown identities trying to gain access.
  • Terminated access – If your device has been compromised, you have the ability completely remove access to a conversation.
triConvey communicate security image.

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Benefits of Communicate

Internal or external messaging

Communicate can be used to message internally to other staff or externally to clients or other firms.

File Sharing

Send, recieve and save files securely through Communicate.


Read and send messages all from a secure browser, removing the need for email

Communicate FAQs

Yes! Communicate can be used to message internally to other staff or externally to other firms. They just need to have triConvey or Smokeball. 

Yes, as long as the conversation hasn’t been deleted. You can also search for conversations in the search bar. 

Yes! In Communicate you have the ability to edit, copy or delete messages.