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Rise in Tech automation causing stirs within Conveyancing Industry

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Published by Scene: The Property Scene: Conveyancers fear extinction

Media Release – May 2, 2022

The rapid rise to automation in the conveyancing industry is no cause for alarm with job security according to SaaS Technology company, triSearch, CEO, Taylah Allen.

As with many industries in Australia, fear of redundancy from the rise of workflow automation is a common backlash. And the conveyancing industry is no exception. 

Conveyancers had to quickly rely on this very technology throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and will eventually have to adopt technology permanently with many State Governments introducing 100 per cent mandatory eConveyancing in the coming years. 

Within the conveyancing workflow, automations to electronic conveyancing tools have spiked in research and development, allowing the industry to conduct verification of identity, property searches, contracts, signatures, and settlements all through digital channels.

As these eConveyancing tools become more advanced, so too does the fear that these tools could easily be designed to replace conveyancers, rather than compliment them.

Allen said conveyancers should continue to approach their technology providers to ensure transparency. 

“Conveyancers have the right ask what research and development is taking place, and what the end results will mean for their industry,” Allen said. 

“Conducting a conveyance is a complex and vital part of the property sale and purchase cycle, and I believe it shouldn’t be left solely to technology. 

“Competition and innovation are always at the forefront of conveyancing tech solution services, and triSearch is no exception.”

triSearch launched its own software solution, triConvey, in September 2020, bridging the gap between Software, Search and eConveyancing tools. 

Allen assures Conveyancers the launch of an all-in-one solution is no cause for concern, saying the intention is to service the conveyancing industry. 

She added: “In launching triConvey, we created a service to compliment the conveyancing workflow, not make it obsolete. And we will continue to invest in R&D to bring new solutions to the industry.

“As our industry edges forward in a post-COVID era, using a solution which aligns to the conveyancer’s workflow will give them more time to focus on improving relationships with clients, improve accuracy and to grow their businesses faster.”

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