Fierce floods a lesson for NSW govt disaster response

fierce floods

Premier Chris Minns has visited Eugowra more than a year after floods razed the NSW village. The disaster serves as a lesson for future emergencies, he said. Max and Kay Jones remember watching a house, a silo and their neighbours’ possessions wash down the street when a ferocious flood hit their rural NSW home. “You’d […]

The buying power you need

With Australia’s median property value now standing at a record high of $848,706, house hunters need to earn more than ever before to get a foot on the property ladder.   According to latest data from finance comparison site Canstar, obtained by Australian Conveyancer, house hunters nationwide must now earn $166,215 to buy a typical home.    […]

Q & A: Dotting ‘I’s and crossing ‘T’s 

On its website, fast-growing conveyancing team Dott & Crossitt is quick to qualify its company name.   “There are no names on the door here. Dott & Crossitt aren’t people, but an ethos of how we work side by side with our clients to make the process of buying and selling a property smooth, efficient, and […]

Welcome to tomorrow land

Properties of tomorrow land

Socio-economic forces and the environmental issues at play now will determine the things we will live with in 20 years’ time. Flying cars? Maybe. Scientists and futurists map out the tomorrow land of the Australian property market.  Australian business futurist Morris Misel  Considering the future of household living it’s tempting to think of a far-fetched […]

Price climb continues to 2030

Price climb analysis from Michael Yardney

Property investor Michael Yardney  While there’s an abundance of data tracking and forecasting of near-term home prices in Australia, reliable long-term price climb predictions are harder to come by. That’s where property investment expert Michael Yardney comes in.   Yardney, founder of buyer’s agent Metropole Property Strategists and a veteran property market expert, has mapped home […]

The Burning Question: It’s a skinny margin

The burning question: UK property sales hit

Industry leaders have suggested that one of the biggest issues confronting conveyancing practitioners is business profitability and how to improve its skinny margin. Bluntly, they say operators do not charge enough for their services. Advisers suggest that the public doesn’t fully appreciate the complexity and importance of the conveyancing process and that there’s a propensity […]

Preparation and peak performance

Chess piece standing out to signify preparation is key

On the need to work smarter with improved preparation and peak performance, US president Abraham Lincoln (1861- 1865) once said: “Give me eight hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first six of them sharpening my axe”. Meticulous preparation was central to his message about achieving success at the time. One […]

Upgrades: triConvey v8.17

Updates to EDR coming in April. triConvey update V8.11 & V 8.12

The latest upgrades and innovations in conveyancing practice management software, triConvey, will be launching its v8.17 update in February and March. triConvey v8.17 Update The triConvey version 8.17 update will feature improvements to importing capabilities, precedents, and more, including: Contact Import Tool is included in Desktop v8.17: Users no longer need to request to download this tool, […]

<strong>2 essential tips for improving profitability for your firm</strong>

Conveyancing profitability

Obtaining productivity as business owners and practitioners in the industry while working efficiently and maintaining a good work life balance is something to always strive for. For many, especially during the crazy last few years, this may have been a pipe dream with many working more than 15 hours a day during the pandemic. However, […]