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6 social media strategy tips for your conveyancing firm

Social media tips for conveyancers and the legal industry.

Creating a successful social media strategy may sound daunting, however, it can be a simple process which yields crucial tangible and intangible results for your conveyancing firm.  

Having a successful social media presence can help create brand awareness, engage your target audience, attract prospective clients, establish your brand as an industry leader and improve your Search Engine Optimisation of your business.  

Platforms available and why to choose them 

There are multiple social platforms available, with each platform offering users something different. 

Facebook and LinkedIn are the most common platforms for professional services.

They allow you to connect with prospects and partners, keep people updated on your services and check out what your competition is doing.

Both platforms also have a powerful ‘paid-ads’ system where you can create advertisements and serve them up to your target market.

You can filter these ads by geography so you can ensure they are being seen by potential clients around your area.

It also gives people the ability to tag their friends or share your post, boosting your chances of finding new business. 

TwitterYouTube and Instagram are also helpful for growing businesses. Twitter is used for sharing ideas and catching up with news and trends around the world.

This is a platform that you should keep tabs on to make sure you are up to date with the industry. Instagram’s primary use is to share photos and videos with your followers.

This platform is beneficial if you have photos to post regularly and have a large following. Otherwise it can be used to maintain relationships with your clients.

While YouTube allows you to post lengthier video content of either your services or testimonials – all of which can be shared through your other social channels.  

Now that you’ve chosen your platform, the following are six tips you can use to effectively maximise your success: 

1. Quality over quantity 

The content options may seem overwhelming, however it is important to remember to create quality content rather than too much content at a lower quality.

The focus is to provide value to your followers. If all you do is sell to your audience, there’s very little motivation for people to follow you. Social media marketing is more about building on relationships, with 86 per cent of consumers saying authenticity influences which company they like and support. 

2. Build a Step-by-Step strategy 

Using a step-by-step social media strategy  will help you define what clear steps you have to follow to achieve results for your conveyancing firm. Some best practice steps to follow include: 

  1. Identify your goals 
  1. Do your research 
  1. Start small 
  1. Consider different content 
  1. Set a posting schedule 
  2. Measure your results 

3. Define your target audience  

Your goal should not be to have the most followers, it should be to have the right followers. You must identify your target audience before you can choose the best platforms to reach them. 

4. Don’t over-use social to sell your services 

Having the balance between discounts, offers and services, vs industry news and insights should be a top priority when organising your content.

It should not be an endless advertisement for your firm, rather, a way to build an online community around your business.  

5. Strengthen relationships 

One of the ideal functions of social media is its ability to present you as a thought leader.

It also helps you connect with clients and competitors in an acceptable medium to follow, like and share content without breaking personal boundaries. Overall, it allows your business to be an active member of the community.   

6. Increase engagement with hashtags. 

Take the time to research existing hashtags and use a mix of popular ones and lesser-known hashtags to boost your post’s reach. You can also create your own firm hashtag which will allow you to keep a pulse on your unique media presence.  

Ultimately, no matter where your Conveyancing career is, you can always learn new things and improve your overall business.

Effectively utilising social media is just one important asset you have at your disposal.

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