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3 crucial reasons your conveyancing firm needs to use electronic signature

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From the Contract of Sale to invoices and every document in between, the Conveyancing process has the ‘dotted line’ throughout. With workflows transitioning into a more digital sphere, using an electronic signature (eSignature) tool is crucial for being a successful practice in today’s landscape. 

It is up to the chosen workflow of the practice whether the quantity of signatures becomes a burden to their client.  

If conveyancing practices continue to choose paper-based signature documents, they will undoubtedly lose out to competitors with slower return times, increased security risks and an element of lost traceability.  

3 electronic signature benefits

Those which utilise eSignature tools, however, enable their workflow to be simplified and fast tracked with three crucial benefits which include time efficiency, eco-friendliness and security. 

1. Time Efficiency 

A study showed that 84 per cent of agreements and/or documents were completed within a day of obtaining the notification, eliminating the hassle of chasing signatures.  

A significant benefit to an eSignature tool is the ability for anyone to sign, from anywhere, on any device. This is especially important with the shift in how we transact on a daily basis in a post-pandemic world.

No longer do you need to mail documents or a Contract of Sale through the post, remaining oblivious to where it is and whether it has been received.

Nor are you a victim to your client’s mobility to attend your office to sign documents.  

Using the triSearch electronic signature tool, triSign, there is now an alternative way of mailing, printing and scanning. Using triSign, all parties can sign documents online in a few simple steps and is accessible by all triSearch account holders.  

2. Eco-friendly  

The overuse of paper doesn’t just affect your practice’s carbon footprint but contributes to deforestation, fossil fuel burning and production of more chemicals.  

From the introduction of DocuSign in 2003, there has been more than 2 billion documents signed electronically. This has saved over 20 billion pieces of paper from being printed. Equating to the 27,210 cars worth of CO2 per year.    

By utilising triSign in your workflow, your business can be one step closer to becoming a 100 per cent eConveyancing and paperless workplace. triSign is also cost-effective and can be disbursed to your clients.  

3. Security 

Sending important documents back-and-forth via post has become a risk which can be easily avoided. Even those who have converted to sending documents digitally, are likely to use an unsecure email for the transfer between parties. 

This opens the opportunity for cyber threats like email cloning and can turn your client away from using your services in the future or from referring you on.  

triSign integrates with industry expert, DocuSign, so all signature documents are safe from cyber threats. DocuSign meets some of the most stringent US, EU, and global security standards, and uses the strongest data encryption technologies available. 

You are also able to set up notifications for each step of the transaction from who’s signed, what time it occurred and, in a lot of cases, what location they signed. You are given multiple measures of proof that can authenticate a signature to avoid any cases of identity fraud. 

Getting ahead of the curve is something your conveyancing practice needs to be focused on, especially in today’s everchanging world. eSignature tools have evolved with innovation and updates to cyber-safety to a point where they aren’t questioned for being unsafe and are more attractive to clients.  

With guaranteed speed, efficiency and security backed by a digital trail, your business could greatly benefit from utilising the latest in eSignature tools.

For more information about how you can best utilise triSign and other eConveyancing tools, get started with us today. 

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