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Voice of the Market – Getting Smarter

Fiona Eastwood emphasizes the importance of “getting smarter” in the conveyancing industry by leveraging AI as a supportive tool. According to Eastwood, the key lies in asking the right questions and using AI to enhance efficiency and precision in everyday tasks.

Join us as we dive into the heart of the Australian conveyancing industry, the dynamic array of voices, each offering unique insights.

Fiona Eastwood

I mean, we have so many different platforms that we use and you’re sort of jumping around to each one.

My opinion of AI at the moment for our industry is it’s more of a support tool that you can use.

I tend to ask the questions and I think the prompt that you give it is a big thing, but you might say, can you help collate a list or a table or asking it to sort of pull together information to help with the workflow rather, I don’t use it for contract reviews or anything like that because of the risk and the liability.

I might help it to draft a clause or a response to someone if you’re looking for a certain angle that you’re trying to target.

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