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triConvey V8.8 update to feature multiple trust accounts, and more

Release notes for triConvey Version 8.8 update

As part of the 8.8 update for triConvey, we have added the ability to host multiple trust accounts, all new hyperlink capabilities and more. These changes come as part of our commitment to continually improve your experience as a triConvey user.

The new features will launch for all triConvey clients this week with the three major additions including the ability to:

  • Multiple trust accounts,
  • create or add a hyperlink in a Communicate message,
  • add additional details in contact drop down, and
  • remember font in Memos.

What the update means for you

Multiple trust accounts: You now have the ability to manage multiple trust accounts, perfect for if your firm is switching to a new trust account or manages multiple trust accounts across different states.

Hyperlink capabilities: Having the ability to create or add hyperlinks in messages will now give users the ability to add their own URLs as a clickable link when sending Communicate messages within triConvey desktop.

Additional detail dropdown: As for the contact drop down capabilities, additional details will now appear when a user is adding contacts against a matter which previously saw confusion when adding people with the same name or duplicate contacts.

Font memory: The addition of font memory in memos was added to address the ability to retain the chosen font and font size in the ‘Memo’ toolbar function. This refinement was added to accommodate users’ preferences and needs to avoid generic smaller font or unreadable issues caused from opening documents in different devices.

triConvey update 8.8 also includes a host of additional refinements and bug fixes to help overall usability.

For more information see Version 8.8 Release Notes or contact triSearch at

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