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Top 6 benefits of a premium search platform

Premium search platform triSearch

There’s no shortage of choice when reviewing the market for a search platform to conduct your property, personal and company searches and certificates.

Seeking a platform which hosts all of the available searches and reports you require, from each state relevant to your operations should be a bare minimum.

While saving costs will always need to be front of mind when choosing your provider, this must be balanced with business intangibles which will elevate your workflow efficiency, reputation, user and client experience, and cyber-safety.

Therefore, we recommend seeking a smarter search provider which has the following:

1. Electronic contracts

Order your contract and make live edits. Import documents, rearrange and compile your contract, all without leaving the platform.

2. Fast certificate returns

With our proactive chasing team, you will get your Property Certificates returned up to 30 per cent faster than through other providers.

3. Paperless conveyancing

Verify your clients identity, electronically sign documents, exchange details and Documents securely and much, much more.

4. Free ASIC alerts

The free ASIC Alert will notify you by email if there is an ASIC form lodged against the company for the next 12 months.

5. Bulk searching

Through certain platforms you can bulk-order Searches by copy-pasted ABN’s. This saves you having to order them one-by-one.

6. Free lookup

You have the ability to lookup the details before ordering. This minimises the risk of ordering the wrong search.

No matter what platform you choose, ordering legal searches can be a time-consuming, albeit mandatory tedious task.

However, using a search platform like triSearch, means you can follow a smoother and more efficient ordering process with all six aforementioned benefits included in the platform.

Learn more today by booking a free demonstration with one of our experts.

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