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Top 5 benefits to using an integrated digital contract tool

Using integrated digital contract tool eCOS+

Using an integrated digital contract tool can lead to improved efficiency in your workflow by streamlining your contracts of sale.

While many electronic contract solutions offer data population, there is still many benefits conveyancers can experience by taking the technology solution one step further.

An integrated digital contract tool, however, extends the level of customisation and live updates to the contract so with less clicks and fewer screens, you can order all necessary Searches and Certificates, compile, edit and rearrange your contracts from within the platform.

triSearch recently launched its own integrated digital contract tool, eCOS+, which brings five additional core benefits, including:

1. Consolidation

Order a consolidated list of full vendor searches using a ‘quick select’ function. With the ability to deselect and add more searches in the same order window. It’s just one of the ways triSearch is committed to making your matters even more efficient. 

2. Integrated matter card

Integration between your front contract pages and your matter. Using eCOS+, all your property details entered in the matter card will automatically populate into your contract, saving you time, giving you flexibility, and ensuring your contract details are correct.

3. Edit inclusions & exclusions

Sync your property inclusions and exclusions from your matter into your contract of sale. Due to the tight integration between triConvey and eCOS+, you’re able to prepare all the essential contract details before you even place the digital contract order.

4. Secure contract sharing

Securely share your contract as soon as its compiled using the integrated Securexchange functionality. By using this feature, you can send large contracts direct to your agent to have the property listed as soon as possible.

5. Custom compiling

Built-in contract compiling button. Using this function of eCOS+ means you’re able to compile the entire contract from within the tool, with the ability to even deselect certain documents. You also have the ability to rename your compiled contracts for better transparency.

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