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Tips for improved time management as a conveyancer

Conveyancer with poor time management

Time management is one of the most essential skills to have when running a conveyancing firm.

Within a conscious effort or strategies in place, having to juggle running a practice, reviewing contracts, ordering searches, inputting data, marketing, recruiting, and more, can be more than overwhelming.

With so much on your plate, effective time management becomes essential for maintaining productivity, reducing stress, and achieving success.

By implementing these four strategies, you can optimise your time, increase efficiency, and drive your business forward.

1. Time-blocking method

Time-blocking is the theory of blocking out or setting out time in your daily schedule to allocate directly to specific tasks. By using the time-blocking method, you can organise your day visually.

Best methods to implement this theory is by using physical tools like a diary, planner or even a calendar, or by using digital tools like practice management software, online calendars, or email notification reminders.

Doing this can help you focus on one task at a time, which may improve the quality of your work and help you stay organised with your to-do list.

2. Prioritise

Starting your work week or each workday without a list of priorities can result in a chaotic day of poor time management.

If you aren’t prioritising your day into categories of importance for example, you can easily dedicate too much time to a task which is repetitive and not productive to your business or conveyancing goals.

Each day after work or before you start your workday, create a list of everything you prefer to complete in the day.

This can help you get everything out of your head and into a plan laid out in front of you.

An important step to prioritising is to review what you want to achieve daily and weekly, to align the time you spend on each task appropriately. It’s also good practice to review your priorities and note how long each task takes, to continue to improve the efficiency of your day.

If you’re confused as to how to prioritise your day, you can institute the Eisenhower Matrix. Which can help you decide what to prioritise according to importance and urgency. Using this decision matrix, you can break down your list by:

  • Do immediately: Important tasks with defined deadlines, or ones you’ve put off for so long they’re now overdue,
  • Schedule for later: Important tasks with no defined deadlines,
  • Delegate: Tasks that someone else can do,
  • Delete: Tasks you can eliminate because they’re not critical to your goals or mission.

3. Smart multitasking

Multitasking jobs in conveyancing can be a hazardous journey which could result in an overwhelming sense of urgency for each task.

Of course, there will be some tasks in your workflow you can complete if you’re efficient multitasking. By having your list and knowing what you need to get done, can help you strategise what tasks can be done together.

For example, ordering your Searches early can start the initial process dependent on external time factors like council return times, while in the meantime, you can enter leads or input data of new clients for other matters. This seamlessly starts the process for your Searches to return while completing tasks elsewhere.

4. Use Practice Management Software

Utilising practice management software (PMS) can help in a variety of ways when considering time saving and management.

Award winning PMS, triConvey includes built-in tasks and workflows. All of which are customisable to the needs of your firm.

Using the task management function makes it simple for you and your staff to stay on top of tasks and critical dates. You can prioritise tasks, by having all tasks visible by due date.

Additionally, every day you receive an email of your ‘daily digest’ that contains all upcoming task for the day.

triConvey’s tasks and workflow feature helps you work smarter, not harder and gives you the tools necessary to stay organised.

The built-in workflows sets tasks to make sure you complete all the required steps in the conveyancing process. It will notify you with the correct task, with documents included, to the correct person, at the right time.

Ultimately, using strategies for time management like time-blocking, prioritising, multitasking, and using PMS, can significantly improve your daily efficiency.

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