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Tips for maintaining a relationship with a real estate agent as a conveyancer

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If you’ve already secured a good relationship with a local real estate agent, the next step is to nurture and maintain it to ensure a steady flow of income for your business.

If you’ve already cultivated the relationship, you should be securing a consistent flow of referrals and building the foundation for financial longevity. However, this doesn’t mean it will continue indefinitely.

To help maintain your real estate agent relationships, considering employing the following tips.

1. Consistent communication

Maintaining regular communication, whether it be with a quick phone call or a regular email, is key to keeping your business front of mind when new prospects come through to the agent. The content of your communication can also vary. It is important to let your agent know when any of your processes change or you have any new services, but, you can also simply reach out to see how their business is, engage in market discussion or check in.

2. Availability

It’s an occupational hazard for both yourself and the agent to consistently working to tight deadlines and high-stress transaction. However, showing the flexibility and availability with your time is essential. Being available for client or agent questions as well as providing quick responses to text messages and phone calls will make you more reliable and trustworthy.

3. Service excellence

Consistently providing a high level of service for your agent and your shared client will no doubt go a long way to earning you good graces with the agent. Ensure you’re consistently reviewing contracts or building them in a timely manner, or conducting due diligence orders and searches on time to keep the settlement process from being postponed. These are just a few easy strategies to maintain excellent service to keep your agent happy.

4. Incentives

While the real estate agent may be sending referrals your way as it’s mutually beneficial for the property transaction to occur smoothly, offering an incentive or an appreciation gift can also go a long way to making the agent feel appreciated. It will not only encourage continued engagement and a positive relationship with the agent, but show that you’re appreciative of the referrals, and hopefully result in their continued distribution to you.

Ultimately, maintaining a strong relationship with a local real estate agent can ensure a consistent stream of referrals and business growth. The beauty of maintaining a good relationship is that it’s not difficult or time consuming. Simply conducting your work efficiently, having open and consistent communication, and displaying good interpersonal skills will go a long way.

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