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Tips for choosing your brand positioning when starting a conveyancing practice

When starting your conveyancing firm, you’ll no doubt have a nearly endless checklist of jobs to tick off, with choosing your brand positioning towards the top of the list.

Brand positioning or, the statement for your brand position in the market, is the description of your target market with a holistic framework for how your customers will perceive you. It should cover the who, when, where, why and how of your brand or business.

For a conveyancer, this can be centred around your services, price points, overall experience, location and more.

Importance of brand positioning

In addition to building customer recognition, brand positioning is important for your conveyancing business in four key areas, these include:

  1. Market differentiation: With so many conveyancing businesses in the market, you need to illustrate to your prospects why your business is unique, your services better, and overall, why you’re the obvious choice.
  2. Easy purchase decisions: Conveyancing isn’t the most widely known profession. And while it’s one of the longest-standing roles in the property matter, it’s the less glamorous and therefore, a great opportunity to show your potential customers exactly what your services will do for them, and why it’s crucial for their successful transaction, to choose you early in their journey.
  3. Value confirmation: A strong brand doesn’t have to rely on pricing wars with competitors, especially in the conveyancing industry. Instead, great brand positions which establish the value and quality of your services, especially with cyber security and transparency. The purpose of your brand positioning should be to make customers want to use you no matter what (even if it isn’t the cheapest on the market).
  4. Magnified messaging: A clear brand positioning statement gives you a springboard for compelling creative storytelling. People relate to people, so now is the time to establish your story, passion, and your purpose for existing as a solution within your competition.

What to include in your branding

With the knowledge of the importance of your brand position in tow, now it’s time to start building.

For a top-to-bottom approach for building your branding position, HubSpot recommends using an seven-point strategy, including:

  • Big Idea: the overarching message that underpins all elements of a campaign/business offering to resonate with the target audience. 
  • Value Proposition: the core of your competitive advantage, clearly articulating why your prospect should choose you over a competitor.
  • Target Audience: identify, understand and target your messaging to this audience.
  • Mission Statement: the action-oriented statement which declares the purpose
  • Tone of Voice: the personality/tone your brand takes on in all communications.
  • Elevator Pitch: your short, memorable description of you, your business, and its services.
  • Customer Touchpoints: what mediums and platforms will your customers come into direct contact with you or your brand.

How to start a Conveyancing Firm

Starting, establishing, or growing your conveyancing firm is no easy feat. Even before opening, business owners are hit with a blitz of challenges. Followed by even more throughout the following months after the business is up and running.

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