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The importance of comprehensive due diligence in Family Law: A case study with Affirm Legal

William discussing due diligence searching

“My client will be proceeding with Property Orders in Family Court but she has been kept in the dark when it comes to asset ownership during the marriage.”

William – Principal – Affirm Legal

Affirm Legal are an Australian based, general practice Law firm with a thriving Family Law practice area. Principal of the firm, William, spoke to triSearch about the importance of conducting proper due diligence in Family Law Matters, especially since his firm has seen an increasing trend of marriage deterioration where one spouse is ‘left in the dark’.

In William’s experience, one spouse usually handles the financial aspects of the marriage. In these situations, William encourages his clients to permit the proper due diligence instead of relying on what they know about their financial situation.

William explained that in a recent matter his client was unaware of matrimonial assets and what their entitlements were, once separated. Of course, the client needed to ensure that they, and the children, would be taken care of financially and that the assets would be divided fairly. Through triSearch, William conducted the necessary due diligence on his client’s ex-spouse to identify if there were any undisclosed properties.

With both timeliness and accuracy being a factor, William opted to use the National Property Ownership (NPO) Search. This search identifies all properties owned by an individual or company throughout Australia. William searched the full name of the ex-spouse and all the results were returned within half an hour. Prior to conducting an NPO Search, William would do individual title searches in each state for the person in question, which was time consuming. If the client did not know the address of the properties or was ‘left in the dark’ of what was owned, then there was a risk that properties remained hidden. In this case, William’s client was able to proceed in Family Court, confident that the Property Orders would encompass everything.

Importance of Due Diligence

William educates his clients on the importance of proper due diligence, he explains:

“The cost of the searches are a drop in the bucket compared to what a divorcee could potentially be giving up. Sometimes you get properties worth millions of dollars.

“Once a client understands how this due diligence can ultimately affect the matter, and their life going forward, they tend to see the big picture and are eager to obtain the search results.”

William uses triSearch for his due diligence as he outlines that it comes at a fraction of the cost of other providers in the market. The low-cost structure and simplicity of the triSearch platform, backed up by their attentive and personalised service, was appealing to William as he outlines “It is equally important for [Affirm Legal] to keep costs down for clients and to ensure they have all the information they need to move forward. triSearch provides the best of both”.

We look forward to continuing to work with William, and Affirm Legal, and providing ongoing solutions for his due diligence needs.

If you would like to find out more about the National Property Ownership Search, or about other tools to streamline your due diligence, then get in touch with a triSearch consultant today on 1300 040 582. 

Have you had a similar client or experience to William? We are always looking for ways to highlight our clients and practitioners. Reach out to us today to discuss how we can share your experience.

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