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Team Building: Why it’s so important in today’s workplace

Conveyancers during a team building exercise.

The workplace has undergone major changes in the past year. Long days spent in the office are a thing of the past; today we’ve all had to adapt to a more forward-thinking, collaborative, flexible way of team building.

With all this change, it’s important to maintain the team bond, whilst working in a different environment.

To thrive in today’s landscape, teams should be able to adapt to new ways of working. That’s where team building comes in.

Despite many employees deeming it a ‘waste of time’ or ‘boring’, team building is one of the most important investments you can make for your business.

It builds trust, improves communication, and increases collaboration, which in turn, drives results.

Here are 3 reasons why team building is so important.

1. Improves communication

Technology has allowed workplaces to become more flexible in their geographic locations, enabling employees to complete their duties from wherever they may be.

However with employees working in multiple locations, there’s a risk of there being a lack of communication.

Employees tend to naturally communicate when they’re all in a room together. Take away that room and the communication suffers.

Team building is a chance to bring the entire team together, mirroring the benefits of ‘the room’ while still allowing for the efficiencies of remote work.

Completing tasks as a unit will help strengthen relationships and make employees feel more confident communicating with one another.

A great team building activity to do virtually, is a virtual escape room. This forces all team members to communicate together to achieve the common goal of escaping, whilst still having fun.

2. Increases productivity

Studies show that team collaboration often reduces stress of the individual. When people are less stressed, they tend to perform better.

This will directly impact the company’s productivity and acts to lengthen the tenure of your employees, reducing turnover.

Many business owners think it is a waste of time and money to conduct team building exercises.

However, in the long term, it can prevent the creation of dysfunctional teams and saves time that would otherwise be spent fixing them.

Starting team building activities as early as possible will help your business stay productive.

3. Improves Team Morale

Team morale refers to “the optimism, enthusiasm and excitement within a group of co-workers with common business goals.” 

In simpler terms, employees with high levels of morale are happy employees. Businesses with happy employees have been known to outperform their competition and succeed at a higher level. Morale is a huge business concern, and one we should prioritize. 

With many businesses still working remotely, team morale is often affected. Team building excersizes can serve to improve this morale.

Not working in the same environment can create employees to isolate themselves from the team, causing a decrease in their enjoyment for the job.

While some employee turnover is an inescapable part of business, one of the main factors is low morale.

Generally happier employees who work comfortably and confidently within their teams and alongside other teams are more inclined to stay with a company and perform better. 

In this modern workplace it is likely that your team is spread far and wide. You need teamwork to fill communication gaps and keep your matters moving.

Team building will help your team to work at its best. As the saying goes, ‘teamwork makes the dreamwork’.

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