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Simple steps to digital VOI

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Digital VOI (Verification of Identity) is one of the most efficient, convenient and cost effective methods of verifying your client’s identity.

It’s not only convenient for your business to use, but it allows your client a far greater experience. By using digital VOI, your client can submit documents, take verifying images and submit the VOI all form the comfort of their home, at their convenience.

Digital VOI solution, triVOI, is designed to ensure your business minimises cyber-risk, saves cost, and improves its reputation while providing your client the convenience and safety to conduct their VOI at a convenience location in 10 minutes.

To help, we’ve created a simple step-by-step processes to minimise the risk of experiencing fraudulent behaviour, and ensure you conduct the digital VOI efficiently.

The eight step guide to completing Verification of Identity from anywhere for your client, using triVOI is as follows:

1. Launch VOI

Open triVOI on your phone or tablet in a browser via the triSearch platform or a contact card from within your matter in triConvey.

Access triVOI through triConvey

2. Start Verification

After you log in it will bring you to this screen where you have the ability to view previous, pending or saved verifications. Select a new verification order.

Start VOI tool

3. Select Verification Type

Fill in all relevant fields and choose your elected verification type. Make sure the email address is entered correctly as the VOI link will be emailed to the client.

Choose digital VOI option

4. Client Receives Email

Your client will receive the notification to begin the process.

Send email to client for digital VOI

5. Client Uploads Documents

Your client will need to enter in their details and add proof of ID up to 100 points. Your client will be asked to take a photo of their IDs and cannot continue until they have done so sufficiently.

Client upload section for VOI

6. Client Submits

Your client in this process will be to sign the declaration in the tool that their documents are true and correct. Then select submit.

Client to sign and submit VOI online

7. Notification of Completion

Once your client has submitted their verification, you will the receive an email confirmation.

Conveyancer email received for finished digital VOI

8. Review, Sign & Submit

In the submitted email you will be prompted to review and sign declaration, declaring you have taken reasonable steps to verify your client. Once you have signed you will be taken to a summary screen and provided a unique code to download your finished VOI as a PDF.

Counter sign VOI.

triVOI also integrates with the powerful conveyancing solution, triConvey. Your firm can launch a VOI from directly in the contact card of any property matter, with all relevant details populating into triVOI for a smooth and easy workflow.

To find out more about how you can utilise our one-stop shop for your conveyancing needs, book a demonstration.

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