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Leaders Forum: AIC VIC says cybersecurity immediate focus for conveyancers

Annual Leaders Forum Anna Alexander, CEO, AIC VIC

2022 Annual Industry Leaders Forum: AIC VIC

To bring you the best insights into the Conveyancing industry in 2023 we’ve gathered some of the industry’s most knowledgeable leaders. The Annual Industry Leaders Forum, is an annual series of interviews with leaders from governing bodies like the Australian Institute of Conveyancers Victoria (AIC VIC) and leading tech firms from across the industry.

Participating this year is: Philip Joyce, CEO, Sympli; Anna Alexander, CEO, AIC VIC; Chris Tyler, CEO, AICNSW; Matt Dunn, General Manager – Advocacy, Guidance and Governance, Queensland Law Society; Bianca Bowron-Cuthill, General Manager, Smokeball Australia; Renee Schembri, Service Coordinator, Diamond Property Inspections; and our own Taylah Allen, CEO, triSearch.

In this week’s Leaders Forum, we interview Anna Alexander. She reflects on the successful education and connection programs run throughout the year bringing back face-to-face meetings and seminars.

She added that 2023 will be a year to solidify cybersecurity and ensure the right systems are in place to protect clients and businesses overall.

When talking to triSearch PR and Communications Executive, Daniel Hughes, she said:

Q. What were the main highlights and challenges of 2022?

Anna Alexander: 2022 was a year of reflection and great change at AIC VIC. We have spent much of the year reviewing and refreshing some of our member offerings. In 2022, we are proud to have been able to deliver three complimentary educational webinars, three Saturday seminars and two training sessions for our members.

Next year, we plan to extend these benefits even further. It has been wonderful to revive our magazine and we are excited to deliver another high-quality edition in December. We have lots of plans still in the pipeline and we can’t wait to share these with our members and stakeholders in 2023.

A highlight for AIC VIC was being able to reconnect with our members and business partners in a face-to-face environment after close to two years of virtual meetings and seminars.

The AIC VIC Conference in April marked the start of a successful year of in person events and seminars. The biggest challenge for us as a membership organisation is trying to deliver a good balance of virtual and face-to-face events.

The pandemic created a situation where the profession had to adapt to a new way of doing business entirely online. This has created a situation where many practitioners now gravitate to online events and services.

As a membership organisation, we are continuing to adapt to meet the current demands of our members and ensure that we offer benefits that suit everyone.

On the upside, virtual connections have meant that we feel closer to our regional members than we have ever felt before, which has been the silver lining of the pandemic.

Q. What will be the immediate focus for conveyancers in 2023?

AA: I think the immediate focus for conveyancers will need to be cybersecurity and ensuring that the right systems are in place to protect clients and businesses overall.

With most people working remotely during the pandemic and many continuing to do so, educating members and in turn consumers to be risk conscious, is a priority for the industry.

Q. What trends do you predict for the conveyancing industry in the next 12 months?

AA: The property market has settled and transitioned from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market in a very short space of time. This is largely attributable to the quick rise in interest rates.

I think the effect on the conveyancing industry will be a change to the scope of work that conveyancers are completing – we might see more mortgagee sales as the pressures of high interest rates begin to impact everyday Australians.

Q. What is the most important advice you have for conveyancers for consideration in 2022?

AA: Education is continuous. Attend our education seminars, connect with your local Best Practice Group, and use your networks and colleagues to discuss, and improve, best practice.

In addition, conveyancers need to prioritise client management to develop trust with their clients in these financially uncertain times. As client demands increase so does the need for professional advice that is clear, honest, and concise.

Read what other trends the leaders outlined in the 2023 Annual Leaders Forum by downloading your free The Conveyancing Handbook: A Guide to Success in 2023 now.

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