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How to create culture in a small team

Conveyancers building culture.

The secret to business success often lies in the last place many people think to look: the day-to-day workplace culture.  

So, how do you create culture within a small team?  

Set Missions, Visions and Core Values 

Building strong teams that are focused on collaboration is a key element for success. A team that believes in a strong shared vision is a team that will succeed. 

If you run a small business of three to five staff you tend to think that team strategies and workshops are usually only done once you’re of a certain size as they require larger goals. 

However this is far from the truth. To help create culture in your team, you need to all be going in the same direction. To do his, you need to create mission statements, core values and a vision, that the whole team believe in and strive to do.  

Regular Culture Building Meetings 

Having weekly meetings will make a big difference in team culture. Meetings build rapport, encourage productivity, and bring the importance of improving the team to the forefront. 

Meetings don’t have to consist of a purely work related agenda and can include personal elements as well.  

By taking time to get to know your team it will strengthen the workplace as a whole, along with helping build a better culture. 

By developing relationships with your team you will begin to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and skills yet to be developed. Meetings are one of the ways to help with this.  

Request Internal Culture feedback 

Giving your team the opportunity to share feedback and any ideas they may have – whether it’s related to their job role, your business strategy or services – is an effective way to show that you’re interested and value their insight and intuition. 

To help create better culture it is good to establish a “feedback culture”. Feedback culture is an initiative where feedback and honesty are valued.

This can increase employee morale, build a better company, and increase job performance. 

Most legal practices operate in more traditional methods.  

It’s easier to have yearly performance reviews, and ignore the need for regular feedback among employees, especially if that process is already set in stone.

However, building a healthy feedback culture is absolutely critical to the long-term positive culture of your firm.  

Share success 

Nothing encourages a positive workplace culture like celebrating wins as a team and sharing each other’s success. 

If your team feels appreciated when they’re recognised for their hard work and achievements it can improve morale, strengthen teamwork and make work a much happier place. 

Creating an environment in the workplace that practices recognition and rewards good employees, it will improve the overall culture.  

Delving into your workplace culture is very important in determining your businesses success in the long run. 

The benefits of a positive workplace is widely known and there’s no doubt investing some time into reviewing your practices and adopting a few new habits will pay off in the long-term. 

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