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Four benefits of using a Legal Search Provider

Conveyancer using a Legal Search Provider

If you’re a profiting conveyancing firm, the idea of disrupting the status quo to introduce a few changes to your systems and processes might leave you feeling a little apprehensive, but partnering with a proven Legal Search Provider can be a positive first step.

But, embracing change in this era of digital transformation is essential for keeping your business moving forward at a fast-enough pace. Implementing automated processes such as a streamlined Legal Search Provider is a way for law firms to become more efficient and productive in an environment where “doing more with less” will be key to staying competitive. 

So, here are some of the top benefits that using a streamlined Legal Search Provider could bring to your business.

More time for revenue generating tasks

 Conducting due diligence is an essential part of the workflow in any law firm. Because of this, a significant amount of time is traditionally spent by qualified legal professionals researching facts and reviewing records before entering a transaction or agreement.   

But, while it’s important to gather all the right information, the repetitive and highly manual process of conducting due diligence consumes vast amounts of professional time at the expense (literally) of other revenue-generating tasks.

Using a one-stop-shop Search Provider such as triSearch will enable you to conduct property searches and company and business searches across multiple platforms and registries in only a few seconds. By saving so much time on your due diligence, you’ll have more time to spend on using your professional skills for higher value work such as negotiating and drafting agreements and winning new business.

Reduces admin work and the risk of error

By integrating your Search Provider into your practice management software, you’ll create a more seamless workflow which will significantly reduce the amount of administrative work involved in managing your matters. For example, some of the many benefits of integration include mapping completed searches back to the matter, capturing disbursements automatically in real-time and ordering searches directly from the matter.

Integration also reduces the risk of human errors which are often associated with laborious and tiresome administrative tasks. This is because you won’t have to spend time manually re-keying data because all the relevant information will be mapped to and from the matter.                

Improved client experiences

Automation presents a great opportunity to improve the level of service you offer to your clients – and there are few reasons. The high levels of accuracy which underpin streamlined Search Providers means your work will be more reliable while reducing time spent on searches and administrative tasks could result in faster (and more attractive) turnaround times and settlements. What’s more, the cost savings your law firm makes along the way could also lower disbursements for your clients.

There’s no doubt, growing your reputation with an improved client experience could generate more repeat business and referrals in the long-term.


A more streamlined approach to your searches brings the potential to get much more work done. For example, by eliminating the risk of errors caused by manual searches and data entry, you’ll reduce the chances of having to repeat tasks from scratch or even double handling work by conducting time-consuming checks.

You’ll also be able to utilise more time and skills for higher value work, whether it be strategic, management focussed or related to core business activities. With over 55% of employees saying making the most of their skills is important to engagement and job satisfaction, it’s likely spending more time on skills-focussed tasks will lead to a more motivated and productive team.     

It’s essential to be confident you’ll see a return on your investment in any new technology for your business. By implementing a streamlined Search Provider in your business, you could look forward to a series of productivity gains and a growing reputation which together, drive a healthier bottom line.

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