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Essential tips conveyancing firms need to consider when prospecting

Conveyancer prospecting

The thought of prospecting may seem like a daunting proposition, especially when you’re handling multiple sale and purchase matters simultaneously.

So, to help you understand prospecting, how best to go about it and a few tips I use, I’ve put together this guide.

Firstly, you need to understand what prospecting is. According to HubSpot, prospecting is the process of initiating and developing new business by searching for potential customers, clients, or buyers for your products or services.

For a conveyancer, the goal for prospecting is generate interest in your services and convert them to become a revenue-generating customer.

5 essential tips for prospecting

  1. Research your local audience to gauge what messaging you need to use – to do this, you can utilise platforms like CoreLogic or recent Census Data to determine what demographics are in your intended area, whether they are young and would be first home buyers, or middle to older in age and could be approached as repeat members of the property market.
  2. Prioritise the demographic you believe will become a customer, sooner – this might seem obvious, but if you’ve been heavily reliant on repeat customers, it may be a step out of your comfort zone to target a younger audience but may yield great results.
  3. Prepare a personalised pitch for each prospect – this will depend not only on their age and lifestyle, but how they approached your business, for example, did they read your website content and reach out for help, or were they referred to you from a former client? Changing your approach in how you sell your services will need to be targeted and personalised to have the best chance of a positive outcome.
  4. Craft the best first impression – you need to create a scenario where you’re initially helping, not selling them your services. This will help them become accustomed to how your services can help them purchase or sell a property and where your services will be crucial along the way.
  5. Review, review, review – Never fall into old habits. Set a date to review your process, what worked, what didn’t and how you can innovate different strategies to continue success in the industry.

I also want to leave you with a few suggestions in how you can do your prospecting efficiently, to ensure you’re maximising your time.

These include, following a consistent schedule, staying focused to your goals, utilising different techniques often, know your services inside and out, know your market differentiators, and become an industry thought leader with website and social content.

If you want to learn more about a conveyancing solution which can save you time on every matter, and ultimately give you time back in your day for prospecting and marketing, email me at

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