Billing & Trust Accounting

This tool improves efficiency for all users, billers and bookkeepers.

What is Billing & Trust Accounting?

Whether your firm is fixed-fee or you disburse costs, triConvey Billing is a powerful tool that improves efficiency for all users, billers and bookkeepers alike.

triConvey’s Billing features, functionality, and integrations are powerful yet simple to use. With our integration into account systems your business can run completely on one software.

triConvey’s time tracking funtionality enables you to track your firms profitability and create detailed reports on what you’ve worked on per day, by staff member and matter, all in one system with no need to add additional law office software or portals.

Billing & Trust Accounting examples.
Billing & Trust Accounting examples.

Integration with MYOB & XERO

Through triConvey, you can make sure your clients money is being kept securely. When an invoice is paid through triConvey Billing, the receipt of funds into your office bank account in Xero or MYOB is smooth. triConvey Billing, will automatically put ‘journal entries’ in your Xero or MYOB accounts.

Ready to get started with triConvey?

Access all the powerful features of triConvey at $0 when you integrate your Searching. 

Benefits of Billing & Trust Accounting

Paid Faster

Make it easier for your clients to pay you by creating invoices that directly correspond to their matter.

Reduce Errors

Limit the amount of billing errors as well as capture all disbursements owed to your firm.


Seamlessly integrate with MYOB Essesentials and Xero.

Billing & Trust Accounting FAQs

We take care of all that for you when you sign up. Our qualified trainers will integrate your systems upon installation and training so you can start using the powerful billing features right away. 

No, the powerful Billing & Trust Accounting features come standard with triConvey at no extra cost. 

As triConvey is built for conveyancers, our pre-built matter types are; a Sale Matter and a Purchase matter.

Yes, we remain compliant and audit approved according to each respective state requirements. More information can be found at Compliance & Trust Accounting.