Electronic Conveyancing Tools

Conduct your econveyancing matters electronically, end-to-end. Select one or all of these tools to insert into your current process. 

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The eConveyancing Process 

Verifying your clients identity, conducting searches, ordering contracts, signing and settling, these eConveyancing tools have been designed to make your processes faster, easier and completed at a lower cost.

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Why use eConveyancing tools

  • A better experience – Faster and more user-friendly, these tools will help you settle quicker and delight your clients.

  • Cost-effective – Often cheaper than paper-based alternatives, you can save money for both your client and your firm.

  • Paperless office – Use these tools to start or progress your transition into a paperless office. The entire process, including your contracts and settlement can be completed electronically.
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Electronic Conveyancing FAQs

As taken from the Australian Registrars National Electronic Conveyancing Council (ARNECC),

“The purpose of carrying out verification of identity is to reduce the risk of identity fraud and the registration of fraudulent land transactions.  Verification of identity of Clients and mortgagors is considered to be part of the due diligence required of conveyancing professionals”

All eConveyancing tools through triSearch are competitively priced. For a full price list of all services, you can request a price list via our Contact form. 

For non-integrated solutions, it’s the triSearch promise to beat any prices you’re currently paying and we pride ourselves on offering the lowest prices in the industry. 

All of the eConveyancing tools can be accessed through the triSearch platform.

Simply set up an account (all accounts are free to open and hold) and pay for the services you use.

The intuitive platform will prompt you at stages to select each tool if you wish to use them. They are also accessible at anytime from the navigation menu.

When you sign up to triConvey, the all-in-one solution, these tools are also included in the powerful $0 Software.

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triSearch offer a free integration into PEXA. For those wishing to handle settlements themselves, you can access PEXA directly from the triSearch platform, create a workspace and invite attendees. All information from your search results and eCOS are mapped into the workspace to save you re-keying it.

Once you have ordered your contract, you will be prompted with a PEXA button. Click through to create your workspace. Please get in touch if you require assistance.