triSearch seamlessly integrates with triConvey, our $0 Conveyancing Software as well as a host of other systems to streamline your work.


Next Generation Integration between Software & Search

Through the triConvey’s free Conveyancing Software Integration, you have access to our Next Generation Platform. This is the most advanced integration available in the conveyancing market.

Order Searches, Conduct a VOI and have documents electronically signed without leaving the triConvey platform. All information is mapped seamlessly both ways.

Simply tick ‘Order Title’ when you’re creating a NSW Sale Matter in triConvey. The Title Search will be ordered and the Property & Vendor information will be automatically populated into your Matter card. The cost of that Title Search is also added to your Matter, ready for invoicing or reporting.

triConvey will recognise if your client requires a VOI and will give you the option to order one via triSign from within the Matter. All client information will be pre-populated in the VOI, saving you the hassle and risk of re-keying it.

Within triConvey, you can right-click any document and select ‘Send to DocuSign’. This will open the document in triSign, allow you to tag it and send it directly to your clients or other party for signing. As it’s signed, you are notified and the document is automatically stored within the Matter.

Free Conveyancing Software Integration

Standard Vs Next Generation Integration

Next Generation Integration gives you access to more features and an even tighter integration between Software and Search. Check out this table for more details on our free Conveyancing Software.

Integrations available

triConvey comes out of the box with all of these apps connected. To learn more about an integration, get in touch.

triConvey Conveyancing Software Integration partners with Word

Microsoft Word

Automatically generate Forms & Precedents in Word with pre-populated information from your Matter. Make live edits that are reflected in your Matter.
triConvey Free Conveyancing Software Integrationpartners with Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook

Send & receive emails directly from triConvey. Any emails and attachments recieved in outlook will automatically be saved into the relevant matter.
Free Conveyancing Software integration partners with Adobe

Adobe PDF

Create documents in seconds with your own letterheads. Edit any fields & send this to clients for electronic signing.
triConvey Free Conveyancing Software partners with myob.


When an invoice is paid in triConvey, it will automatically update in your MYOB connected account, along with a 'Journal entry' on the transaction.
Conveyancing Software integrations partners with Xero.


When an invoice is paid in triConvey, it will automatically update in your Xero connected account, along with a 'Journal entry' on the transaction.
Free Conveyancing Software integration partners with PEXA


One-click integration with PEXA through our next-gen integration means you can create pre-populated workspaces and invite attendees.
Free Conveyancing Software integration with triVOI

Verification of Identity

Next Gen integration with triVOI means you can verify your clients identity even easier with pre-populated client information.
Free Conveyancing Software integration with triSign

Electronic Signatures

Next Gen Integration with triSign means you can right-click on a document in triConvey, tag it and send it to a client for signing.
Free Conveyancing Software integration with triSettle


Next Gen Integration with triSettle means you can hand over your settlement to one of our agents and be updated at key stages throughout.

Ready to get started with triConvey integration?

Access all the powerful features of triConvey at $0 when you integrate your Searching. 

Benefits of Free Conveyancing Software Integration

Intelligent Workflows

Transfrom your conveyancing process into one seamless workflow.

No re-keying data

Only type in data once, and then our software will intuitively put it in the right place for future documents.

Emails & Searches saved to the matter

All emails and searches are automatically saved into the matter for easy access by all staff.

Integration FAQs

Next Generation Integration is the most advanced connection of Search & Software available in the Conveyancing Market.

It offers a host of features that allow you to conduct Searches, order a VOI and get documents signed, all without leaving the triConvey platform.

Next Generation Integration comes standard with triConvey, at no extra cost.

No, once you sign up for triConvey you are automatically setup to access triSearch within triConvey. 

No, this is included in triConvey’s all-in-one solution. You only pay for the searches you order.

To get started, all you need to do is switch on the integration in firm settings by authorising triConvey Billing to connect to your MYOB or Xero account. When you sign up, our experienced consultants will set this up for you to ensure it’s connected seamlessly.