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Why triSearch is Australia’s website provider of choice

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Why is triSearch Australia website provider of choiceKnown as Australia’s low-cost search provider since inception in 2018, triSearch has grown to service over 900 legal and conveyancing firms. The success stems from providing lawyers with a low-cost alternative for their Searches & Certificates, whereby they don’t need to compromise on platform or service quality. This Platform, Price, and Service model is the reason triSearch has become the website-based Search provider of choice for Australian lawyers & conveyancers. 


Market-leading platform

To keep costs down, triSearch leverages their Search platform from a market-leader in the space. This ensures our clients have access to the best technology for their searching and allows us to offer it to them at an affordable price.

The platform has been built with lawyers & conveyancers in mind. It intuitively guides you through a Matter with a host of handy features to save you time and reduce any risk of error.

You can conduct all your due diligence through the one platform, without the need to visit different authorities. triSearch has the some of the fastest Council Certificate return times in the industry, around 30% faster than most of our competitors. Getting your Certificates back faster means you can move quicker towards Settlement, keeping your clients and the Real Estate Agents in the good books.

Once you have your Searches and Certificates, you can order your Contract and compile it in just two clicks. Import any special conditions or other PDF’s, drag to reorder and save the contract within the platform.

When it comes time to capture the disbursements, we have a one-touch fee summary that will pull up all the fees relating to one matter, ready to pass onto your clients or easily reconcile.

Personalised Service & Support

We have an Australian based support team on-hand to make sure every single enquiry is resolved in a timely fashion. 

Our helpdesk team is available 12 hours a day, Monday to Friday, with a KPI of 30 second answer times for all phone calls. You’ll always be speaking to a live consultant, based here in Australia and we offer free training for you or your staff whenever you require it.

Complementing the Support team is a number of tech-features built-in to the platform. You can log all enquiries through ‘Request a call back’, so they’re sent directly to best person to help. You will receive a call within 10 minutes with a resolution or update. There is also a ‘Waiting Certificates’ feature that will track all your outstanding certificates on a dashboard, allowing you have any of them chased up in just one click.

We’ve aligned our goals with your interests so you can be assured you’re getting the best service.

The industry’s lowest prices.

As mentioned previously, triSearch leverage a market-leading search platform. By doing so, we’re able to save significant costs on the development and maintenance of the platform, passing these savings onto our clients in the form of low-cost searches.

Why are low prices such an attractive benefit in your search platform?

If pass on your disbursements, you can delight clients with low-prices, without having to reduce your own fees or devalue your services. You’ll be able to keep up with your competition and win/retain any price-sensitive clients.

If your business is fixed-fee, you can add the savings from low cost Searching straight to your bottom line. This can then make up the budget for marketing, hiring more staff and general growth. All of which can help to make your business more efficient and ultimately attract more clients.

If you’re looking for a low-cost website-based Search provider, you can get started with triSearch today by requesting a pricelist.

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About triSearch

triSearch is Australia’s fastest growing low-cost search provider with over 4,500 legal and conveyancing Searches nationally. We provide access to Titles, Certificates, ASIC, PPSR and more through a market-leading platform, at the industries best prices.

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