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triSearch launch new website design

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New triSearch website design.

triSearch has updated it’s website design, allowing for a more streamlined and transparent visitor experience.  

The renewed look for the triSearch front-of-house website has been rolled out to compliment it’s new all-in-one conveyancing software, triConvey, which celebrated a successful launch last week. 

triSearch has made a name for itself in the property-tech sector since joining the fray in 2018. In addition to the launch of triConvey and its new website, triSearch also named its national sales manager, Mitchell Burge, last week.  

Matthew Tarabay, triSearch marketing manager, worked closely with CEO Taylah Allen throughout the design process for the new site, and is excited for visitors to enjoy the new look.  

“We knew the launch of triConvey would be successful and that it would garner a lot of website traffic. So, we wanted to ensure the launch was supported by the best layout and design for both our long-time visitors and any newcomers.” Tarabay said. 

What’s new?

The new design features a range of extremities to tailor your journey to what you’re looking for.  

Since the remodel, the home page layout has changed so triSearch can issue more focus to its solutions and valuable resources available for conveyancers. 

An additional landing page has been added to focus on all things triConvey. Inside the landing page are more features outlining the platform and how visitors can take advantage of the $0 conveyancing software. 

The new site is not just functional, but it also has a new aesthetic. The design considers a more streamlined approach to help first-time and repeat visitors navigate to enquiry pages faster, so they can start searching, sooner.  

In the spirit of integration with triConvey’s launch last week, the new website incorporates information on the easy access to external third-party applications such as Office 365 and various accounting software. 

The new ‘Resource’ page including Blog articlesEbooks, and Events and CPD, are organised to keep conveyancers up to date with the industry as triSearch strives to bring stakeholders more content than any of its competitors in the industry. 

In the spirit of more, triSearch have relaunched its new monthly conveyancing newsletter, The Conveyancing Digest. In addition to a new look and feel, it will also deliver subscribers more news and insights than ever before, with a personalised touch from Allen, in each issue. 

To find out more about the new website features, triConvey and triSearch, contact us today. And ensure you’re up to date with all the latest news, insights and industry advice by subscribing to receive The Conveyancing Digest. 

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