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Supporting your clients during COVID-19 – How triSearch can help?

While there are a lot of things you cannot control with COVID19, there are some aspects of business you can control. Your business may have transitioned from paper-based to digital in a matter of weeks, you may not be able to access your office and business may even be slowing down. However, it’s still within your ability to maintain relationships with your current clients and support them during this time. As we all know it’s not just businesses that are being affected but individuals as well.
Supporting clients involves more than just maintaining conversation. It also means you need to offer your clients solutions to help them in their current situations and to keep their matters moving.
Here are a few ways you can support your clients through COVID19.
Lowers Costs
Adjusting your fees may seem impossible, however by negotiating with your current technology vendors and shopping around for lower prices you can offer the same service, for less. If you pass on fees this means lower disbursements for clients and if you are fixed fee it means being able to add the savings straight to your bottom line.
By offering your clients the lowest price possible, you can give them peace of mind that their matter will be moving without putting them out of pocket. It’s also a great way to attain referrals and word of mouth business during this time!
Tools enabling them to transact online
With the increased uncertainty surrounding travel and social distancing, it is your responsibility to offer your clients alternate ways to continue their transactions. As technology continues to reshape the legal industry, these tools are becoming more prevalent and necessary. There is a lot of talk in the market currently about how COVID19 will change the legal industry forever, with the reliance on paper-based methods possibly being phased out for good.
As it stands, the entire conveyancing process can be completed digitally, without ever having to meet your clients face-to-face. Verification of Identity (VOI) applications, such as triVOI through triSearch, allow your clients to have their identity verified remotely. You can conduct all your due diligence via a Search platform, including the ordering/compiling of your contract. All documents can be signed electronically through triSearch’s SIGNIT and you can settle online using triSearch’s PEXA integration. If electronic conveyancing is something your business needs currently, get in touch. triSearch are offering these tools free until the end of May.
More time spent on support
During this time, your clients need you more then ever. There is a lot of media around the property market discussing the do’s and dont’s of buying and selling. This can make your clients very uncertain with the transaction they’re about to make. It is your job to make sure they feel comfortable from start to finish.
To provide your clients your full attention, you need to take some work off your hands. Through triSearch their is a dedicated property certificate chasing team. The team promises seamless delivery and minimum wait times. triSearch makes sure that all requests are answered in 10 minutes or less, with a request a call back function.
When ordering property certificates through triSearch, shown is estimate turnaround times before you go ahead with your order. This gives you peace of mind and the ability to give your clients a timeframe when they should expect a response.
Clients need your support more then ever through this challenging time. By changing your price structure, utilising online tools and utilising your time effectively, you are more likely to retain your current clients and perhaps even create some new ones.

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