Settlement & Financial tools

Settlement & Financial adjustments are simple with our inbuilt adjustment calculator.

What are Settlement & Financial tools?

Settlement & Financial Adjustments are made easy using triConvey software. This feature comes with all the necessary tools and functions you require to get complicated and tedious adjustments calculated efficiently and accurately.

On one screen in triConvey you can prepare your settlement adjustment, aswell as see all previous settlement financials (adjustments and cheques). This avoids the switching back and forth between various screens.

Using our advanced calculators, you can calculate your adjustments, amounts required to settle, reconciliation and create your cheque directions with ease as they are fully automated.

Benefits of Settlement & Financial Tools

No rekeying data

No rekeying of information, data only has to be entered once.

Up-to-date forms

All forms are kept up-to-date with legislative and cost changes

Change in settlement date

Changes to settlement dates can be easily re-calculated.

State specfic adjustments

Adjustments are tailored in triConvey so that they are state specific.

Settlement Calculations

Reconcile your settlement figures using our advanced calculations.

Generate other documents

Generate other key documents easily, like the Adjustment Sheet and Settlement Statement

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Settlement & Financial tools FAQs

No, data only has to be entered once in the settlement financials screen and all figures within triConvey will be updated accordingly.

A Settlement adjustment is a reconciliation of the conveyancing transaction based on the purchase price, deposit paid and relevant adjustments. Adjustments are made as at the date of settlement or the date of possession of the property if by agreement, the purchaser moves in before completion. The triConvey Settlement Adjustment Calculator will automatically calculate these adjustments as you enter them in, and apply them to your matter, saving you the time and hassle of separate settlement adjustment sheets.

No! This tool is included as standard in triConvey, for $0 when you conduct your searches through triSearch.