Personal Searching

Access information relating to individuals and consumers with credit reports, ownership searches, criminal history and more. Be guided through the platform with minimal clicks & data-entry.

Personal Searches Available

  • National Property Ownership A National Property Ownership, also referred to as an NPO, is commonly ordered to find out property owned nationally by a company or individual.

  • Bankruptcy Searches –  An AFSA Bankruptcy Search allows online access into the National Personal Insolvency Index (NPII) for those who have public records of personal insolvencies.

  • Person Locator Search The person locator search is used to locate individuals or couples and provides the last known address, phone number and any default judgements against them.

  • National Litigation Search – A Litigation Search allows you to check on an individual or company to identify if they have record of civil litigation actions across multiple Australian Tribunals and Courts.

  • Personal Property Searches Register (PPSR) – By conducting a PPSR search you can find out if an individual or company has a securities interest attached to their personal property.

  • Electoral Roll Search – An Electoral Roll Search provides you with the last known registered address of an individual. 

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Before you order your searches and/or certificates you are shown the total fee it will cost (incl GST.) your firm.

National Searches

By using the National Property ownership Search you can view all of the properties owned in every state by an individual or company.

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You have the ability to lookup the details before ordering. This minimises the risk of ordering the wrong search.

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Personal Searching FAQs

No. triSearch can only service businesses with an ongoing need for Searches. If you require a one-off search, please visit

Most commonly used in Family Law Matters, the National Property ownership (NPO) Search will show all of the properties owned by an individual or company, across the country. 

The NPO search is popular as it combines a number of state-based searches, ensuring you find all properties owned by that individual or company. For example, in a Divorce Matter, if one party has not disclosed that they own a property in another state, the NPO search would identify that property and potentially save the other party from missing out on something they’re entitled to. 

No. Transparency is a big part of our strategy at triSearch. There are no hidden or ongoing fees associated with your account. Simply pay for what you order. All fees and costs are totalled and clearly presented before you order an search, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

The Person Locator Search is useful in Family Law matters when you need to serve documents, when your client needs to get in contact with customers, finding debtors or dealing with return mail.