triConvey Compliance & Trust Accounting

Compliance & Trust Accounting 

triConvey trust accounting remains compliant and audit approved according to each respective state requirements. 

The Trust Accounting function of triConvey is and will remain compliant to the law and standards held in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria as per the respective state law society approval. This is to ensure you are able to conduct your Matters insured that triConvey remains a safe practice management system for your firm. 

See more information below on specific state legislation and how triConvey remains compliant. 

triconvey trust accounting audit compliant

State Compliance

The NSW Law Society’s Trust Accounts Department, at the request of the software supplier, carefully examines software packages to ensure compliance with the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW) and the Legal Profession Uniform General Rules 2015 (the Uniform Law). 


Trust accounting software packages that have been examined and certified by The Law Society of New South Wales as complying systems under general trust accounts as defined in S128 of the Uniform Law, are provided identifying certificate numbers. 


triSearch conveyancing practice management software triConvey, is and remains compliant through its partnership with certified trust accounting software provider Smokeball (Certificate Number 16).   

According to the Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner, property lawyers and conveyancers can outsource trust accounting to an external trust accounting software as examined and certified by the Trust Accounts Department of the NSW Law Society.  


Therefore, triSearch trust accounting remains compliant as stated in the New South Wales Compliance section.  

When the assessment of computerised trust accounting systems changed responsibilities from the Department of Justice & Attorney-General to the Queensland Law Society in 1994, approval for the use of systems by solicitors has discontinued.  


The official QLS computerised trust accounting systems states: “The Queensland Law Society does not assess computerised accounting systems. Sections 28 to 32 of the Legal Profession Regulation 2007 set out the requirements for a complying computerised trust accounting system.” 


As per the Legal Profession Regulation 2007, triSearch and its property law specific products, like triConvey, provide trust accounting which meets all requirements, is fully compliant and has passed QLS audits. 

Billing & Trust Accounting FAQs

We take care of all that for you when you sign up. Our qualified trainers will integrate your systems upon installation and training so you can start using the powerful billing features right away. 

No, the powerful Billing & Trust Accounting features come standard with triConvey at no extra cost. 

As triConvey is built for conveyancers, our pre-built matter types are; a Sale Matter and a Purchase matter.

Yes, we remain compliant and audit approved according to each respective state requirements. More information can be found at Compliance & Trust Accounting.

Running your end of month reconciliation is a short and simple process in triConvey. Simply open your matter, select on the Billing tab up the top of the page. From there, open the Banking tab to enter your Trust Accounting.

Next, simply select and reconcile each transaction seen on the Trust Accounting page to fulfil your end of month reconciliation obligations.

Conduct simple trust accounting deposits through the deposit funds button found through triConvey’s Trust Accounting tool. At this same stage you can also transfer funds for your client to use in another matter within triConvey.

Monthly trust statements can be provided to your client via the reporting tab in your Matter card. Simply select Trust Statements under the reports tab, enter your matter details and dates and generate the report. The report will automatically file back into your matter card where you can send it via email to your client. triConvey’s Outlook integration also captures the email to your client and saves it back into the Matter card.

Once you have transferred the funds from your Trust Account to the office of your choosing, add the transaction via the ‘Transfer to Office’ button found in the Invoicing tab of your matter billing. This will automatically track into your triConvey Trust Accounting tool to streamline your end of month reconciliation balancing.

Conducting your adjustments through triConvey’s Trust Accounting is simple. Open your Trust Account in triConvey, create a reconciliation, select adjustments followed by add adjustments. From there, simply add your dates, reason, and amount you want to adjust, including whether it’s a withdrawal or deposit and confirm it. This will automatically map into your triConvey Trust Account for easy end of month reconciliation.