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Search & Due Dilligence

Property, Business & Person searches for you to conduct the due diligence required for your matters. 

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All-in-one Solution

A combination of Software, Search and any eConveyancing tools, with powerful integration.



Conduct your conveyancing matters electronically, end-to-end using one or more of these tools. 

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triSearch Solution FAQs

No, you can select one more or more tools to use as standalone solutions in your firm. For example, if you require a Search platform and VOI, you can just use those two solutions. 

All solutions integrate with each other, all accessed through the triSearch platform. 

Alternatively, you can select the all-in-one solution. This includes triConvey, our $0 Conveyancing Software, Integrated Searching and any eConveyancing tools. 

The all-in-one solution includes:

  • triConvey, powerful $0 Conveyancing Software
  • triSearch, Integrated Search platform 
  • eConveyancing tools incl. VOI, eCOS, electornic signing and Settlement tools. 

triConvey is a Practice management Software built for Conveyancers. It’s powered by Smokeball, one of the best conveyancing software’s available on the market. It includes all of the tools and features required to run your practice. 

triConvey is completely free when you conduct your searches through triSearch.



All of these tools integrate with eachother. All eConveyancing tools (VOI, eCOS, triSign, triSettle) can be accesed through the triSearch platform. All information is mapped both ways to save you the hassle of re-keying it and reducing the risk of clerical errors. 

When you sign up to triConvey, all of this information is mapped directly from your Matter, streamlining the entire conveyancing process.