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SettleIT: What it is and how it works

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SettleIT: What it is and how it works

What is SettleIT?

SettleIT is a service through the triSearch platform that allows Lawyers & Conveyancers to outsource property settlements. SettleIT agents will complete all the administrative roles of the settlement while you continue to approve everything and provide professional services to your client.

With over 100 years of combined experience, you can hand over your manual or electronic settlements and be confident that you’re saving time and still progressing your matters.

As part of triSearch’s ongoing commitment to provide market-leading technology for their clients, triSearch leverages a version of the SettleIT platform.

The benefits include:

  • Time Saving – Free up your time by handing over your settlement.
  • Visibility – Check the status of your settlements at a glance.
  • Greater flexibility – Book in manual or electronic settlements to suit your client. 
  • Compliance – Agents comply with all requirements to act on your behalf.
  • Notifications on the Settlement progress – Be notified in real-time as your settlement progresses.
  • Experienced team – The SettleIT team have over 100 years combined experience. 


How it Works

Once you log into SettleIT, you’re presented with a screen that shows 7 stages. Each stage will prompt documents or information from you. Once complete, SettleIT agents will take over and conduct the Settlement on your behalf.

At every stage of the settlement, the platform will be updated and you will be notified via email so you can be kept in the loop and advise your clients accordingly.

As the Settlement process differs in every state, so too does this process. You can check out these infographics for more information.

NSW Process

VIC Process

QLD Process

Below are all the tasks an agent will conduct on your behalf:

  • Verification of Identity
  • Sign Client Authorisation Forms
  • Assessment of duty
  • Attend stamping
  • Prepare the Transfer and eNOS forms
  • Contact council and utilities for balance updates
  • Prepare and check settlement adjustments
  • Contact banks and prepare cheque directions
  • Provide usage of our Trust Account
  • Obtain final title searches in addition to Title Activity Checks
  • Attend the settlement on your behalf
  • Securely store any original documents for 7 years

In the Image below you can see the 7 steps that need to be completed for a settlement via SettleIT to go ahead. While the SettleIT process differs for each state, the same 7 steps apply.

After each step has been approved, you will see the progress dots turn green, and you will be able to access the next step. If a problem is encountered along the way a SettleIT agent will contact, you to remedy the issues.

SettleIT completed steps

Check out this free user guide to get a better understanding of the SettleIT process.

Get started with SettleIT through triSearch

As an introductory offer, you have access to SettleIT for $110 per settlement through triSearch until March 2021 (normally priced at $165 per settlements).

Click here to get started or Contact Us for any questions.

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