triSearch PAYG allows you you to access affordable consumer searches on a casual basis.

Once you register for triSearch you’ll be able to order instant searches using your credit card.

There are no sign-up fees, you simply pay each time you order a search.


3 Quick Steps to Instant Searching at Competitive Prices


Create Account

Complete the registration form to receive an email with your new username and password.


Login to the triSearch website and select

Property (Title Searches or OSR Land Tax),

Water (Sydney Water or Hunter Water) OR

Personal & Corporate (ASIC or PPSR).


Select the product you want to purchase and complete the application with your credit card details.

You’ll receive your results online or via email depending on the product you have ordered.

If you are a business and require regular searching please Create an Account.

 Problems logging in?

If you have any problems logging in or searching, please contact our HelpDesk at or 1300 064 452 during business hours.

Please note we cannot process your order if your credit card expires during the course of the month.

Let us handle your eSettlements

The triSearch team can undertake electronic lodgements and settlements on your behalf. Get in touch to find out how.


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