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triSearch CEO explains how they keep prices low

CEO of triSearch, Taylah Allen explains how the start-up can offer such low prices, especially when going head-to-head with some of the industry’s biggest competitors.

Taylah is a seasoned veteran in the world of legal search, starting her career at one of the industry leading firms in the legal-technology space. It was here that Taylah identified a potential gap in the market whereby a quality product could be offered at a more affordable price point, especially for the SME practitioners. Enter triSearch.

“Our main focus is to be as competitive as possible, while continuing to offer a high-quality platform and service” Taylah stated when asked why triSearch was created.

The pricing structure of triSearch

Taylah knows that pricing is an important part of any product offering and wanted to make it as easy as possible for practitioners to get started with triSearch. That’s why an account with triSearch is free to open and hold, with an option for weekly, fortnightly or monthly invoicing for the searches ordered.

Transparency is also a big part of Taylah’s pricing strategy as she holds the firm belief that building trust with clients is half the battle. Taylah explains “as our clients become bigger and more profitable, so too does triSearch. If we can show clients that we are on the same team, working towards the same goals, then we create long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships”.

When Taylah was asked if triSearch had any hidden or on-going fees, she answered with “it doesn’t cost us to hold the account, so we don’t charge for it. We’re here to create loyal clients, not one-time users.” She then goes on to say “In this market, customers can leave anytime. We’ve been successful up till now because we are transparent. Gaining trust is an important part of any new business and it’s something we’re very protective of.” The triSearch platform makes this transparency apparent as they take a ‘no-surprise tact’ with their pricing, in that what you see on the screen is what you will be paying.

How does triSearch offer such competitive prices?

Throughout her years in the industry, Taylah has been fortunate enough to make some strong relationships with key players. “We leverage leading technology in the marketplace where we can, to keep our costs down and ensure we offer market-leading software and service” she explains when asked how triSearch is so competitive as a start-up. She goes on to say, “we keep our overheads low and pass on these savings to our clients, rather than our own bottom line”.

triSearch also operates with a small, agile team that can adapt quickly to changing markets and landscapes. “We don’t have the burden of large teams and red-tape when it comes to making changes” Taylah states, “making it easier and cost-effective for us to service firms of different size and needs”.

Will triSearch always be competitive on price?

Taylah states “Our business model is our price promise – we can beat any competitors’ price whilst maintaining quality technology and service.”. Taylah has her focus firmly situated on keeping clients competitive. She understands that their clients operate in a competitive space and she feels it is her job to give them that competitive advantage. She states, “as with any business, satisfied customers will ultimately lead to success.”.

How is triSearch making money at such a low price point?

“Being a start-up, outgoings are continuously under the microscope. We know that we need to find solutions that allow our team to work smarter, while keeping overheads down” Taylah states. As a technology company, certain innovations have allowed triSearch to keep costs down, while offering the same service.

A good example is the ‘request a call-back’ feature they offer. Taylah explains that “rather than investing in a full-time support centre, we’ve employed technology to do the heavy lifting”. This feature captures all the information of the query and allocates it to the right team member, so they can jump straight into finding a solution, rather than the traditional approach of a ‘first-contact’ transferring calls. Taylah says the importance of customer service is still understood with this solution as they promise a 10-minute response time.

This is just one example of the way triSearch understands the value of people and technology. They have combined the pair to create a cost-effective solution. Again, triSearch pass these savings on to clients, simultaneously allowing them to offer a low price and remain profitable.

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