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Move Me In – Product Release

We have recently partnered with MoveMeIn, an easy-to-use utility connection service designed to make your clients lives easier when moving houses.  
MoveMeIn is integrated into the triSearch system, meaning once your clients are ready to move into their property, MoveMeIn can notify your client on all the possible rates available for there household utilities. This allows them to compare rates from various suppliers such as, electricity, water, internet and insurance.  
If your client decides upon a supplier, MoveMeIn will make sure everything is connected before their first night in the property. 
Why you should use MoveMeIn 
MoveMeIn gives your client a seamless and hassle-free experience whether it be their first or fifth home. There is already a lot involved in moving into a house, so having MoveMeIn to take a load off their back, will make their experience a lot easier. 
MoveMeIn has benefits for you as well. By offering your clients that extra level of service, this will give you that competitive edge, as well as building rapport amongst your clients. Additionally, for every client that uses MoveMeIn to connect their utilities, you will receive a referral fee. Not only is this a great way to add value for your clients, but there is a little something in it for you too. 
The best thing about this service, is that it is completely free to use for both yourself and your client.  
How to Access this feature through triSearch 
The MoveMeIn service is available at the bottom of the NSW, VIC and QLD property enquiries lists. You need to will enter the Name, Phone number and Settlement date for your client. This information will send through to MoveMeIn. representative will then contact your client on your behalf to arrange connection of utilities. 
If you would like more information on MoveMeIn, please contact your account manager or email us at 

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