Meet the Support Team: Shannon Reginelli - triSearch

Meet the Support Team: Shannon Reginelli

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As part of the rollout of triConvey earlier this month, we’re placing emphasis on our incredible Support team. They play an integral role to the success of our business and will be a key asset for all triSearch and triConvey clients, as the team are trained in troubleshooting both Software and Search problems.

We only think it is fair that we put a face to the names of those who will be answering your calls or emails. Thus, welcome our ‘Meet the Support Team’ series, where each Friday for four weeks we will be featuring one of our incredible team members. This week, we introduce you to Shannon Reginelli.

Meet Shannon

Shannon is one of our four full-time support specialists and brings a wealth of experience in customer service. She has carried her passion for customer service throughout her career, having successfully transitioned from hospitality into different call centre roles.

She started her role at triSearch more than three months ago after she “loved the idea of learning and growing with the company as it progresses”.

While her journey at triSearch has only been a short time, she’s enjoyed every minute of it, saying: “My time here so far has been amazing, I’ve learnt so much and built a bond with the team and learned how much support revolves around what we do.

“I have to say the support in the team is one of the best things about working here and in the HelpDesk team, we are all there for each other, and that extends to our clients.

“I feel like here at triSearch we go the extra mile for our customers to make sure they are satisfied. We always try to make sure our customers are taken care of, and their needs are met.”

She added when asked what her favourite service of triSearch is: “My favourite service we provide has to be the search side, our clients are able to obtain any information needed to assist in their matters.”

With her passion and experience within customer service, Shannon is aiming for her career to continue growing at triSearch, setting her sights early on taken on more responsibility.

“During my time at triSearch I hopefully want to move into more of a leadership role and be able to lead a team to success,” she said.

When she’s not smashing her role out of the park for triSearch, Shannon is an animal lover and enjoys her lazy Sundays.

“Outside of work I enjoy hanging out with my animals and relaxing.”

Shannon is waiting to help you with all of your search and software enquiries, operating from 8:30am to 5:30pm AEDT. For more information on our support team, visit our website.

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