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Life after COVID – a Lawyers guide

Major changes to our routines have forced many Australians to alter the way they work. These changes in our work-life have transformed the way lawyers conduct their business and the tools/processes they use to operate.
With the light at the end of tunnel nearing, we need to start to think of life beyond COVID and how to smoothly transition into the ‘new World’. Here we discuss 4 tips for lawyers to navigate the legal industry after COVID.
Flexible working conditions
Suddenly the concept of working from home has become much more acceptable. While disruptive, COVID has shown us how effectively people can work outside of normal hours and environments. It has been proved that working remotely, in shifts or altered hours doesn’t impact the output of work.
To smoothly transition into this ‘new world’ you should expect that people will negotiate their work hours and their location. For this to work for lawyers, there needs to be a policy or plan in place to make sure work is still completed as per usual.
Adoption of digital tools
Lawyers have had to make a fast transition into new processes, driving them to use technology-based solutions to help continue business as usual.
Embracing technology shouldn’t be something to be afraid of; instead, it’s a question of working out how we can work best alongside technology to offer better services to clients. Lawyers need to work hard at adapting their established processes, habits and ways of thinking to fit around their new tools and systems. To get the best out of any new tool, it’s best to go into it with a positive and inquisitive mindset. It’s about finding ways to work smarter and future-proof your firm.
Importance of staff wellness & work-life balance
When it comes to the question of what makes a positive state of wellbeing and how to establish a healthy work-life balance, there’s no exact list of elements or set criteria to follow. Quite often, what is important to one person might not be important to another.
To be able to transition into a post COVID workspace, there needs to be initiatives put in place to improve or sustain a healthy work-life balance, in turn creating a positive wellbeing. In fact, research suggests a positive work-life balance is key to retaining talented employees. 83% of companies surveyed found employees that manage their work-life effectively are 21% more productive than those who don’t. It is evident that by understanding the core objectives of maintaining a healthy wellbeing and having views on how it can be done will help lawyers in the return to office-work.
Implementing Cyber Security
With the increase in remote working post COVID, there will be increased opportunities for hackers to gain unauthorised access to systems.
By educating your teams on how to properly exercise caution when working remotely is something you should be investigating. If employees don’t know how to recognize a security threat, how can they be expected to avoid it, report it, or remove it?
The Australian government has released advice on how to properly secure your business and tips on how to be cyber safe. You can access the advice here. Taking these steps can help minimise potential cyber risk now and in the future.
The earlier you prepare yourself and your firm for the future, the better. Soon enough, the impacts of COVID will be a distant memory and you want to make sure your firm is set up for success.
If you want to learn more about how to future proof your business, triSearch is running a free webinar on the 28th June, about “Life after COVID – a Lawyers Guide to the New World”. You can register for this here.

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