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How to build trust with your clients

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How to build trust with your clients

Trust is the number one influencing factor to the success of any type of relationship, including the relationship between a lawyer and their client. The lawyers and conveyancers that practice this often see more success than those that don’t. After a client has been ‘served’, some practitioners forget to keep up that relationship, practically removing the chance for repeat business and referrals. By building quality relationships with your clients, you will build a mutual trust.

Not only do your clients want to trust you whilst making large financial commitments, but they also want to feel comfortable with you handling their matter. 

So how do you go about doing this? Here are our five best practices for building a trust with clients. 

Be respectful of their time

As we all know, we all have different schedules, personal commitments and needs. This is why you need to make a conscious effort to respect your clients time. This means promptly returning phone calls and emails and making sure to be ready for a scheduled call, at least 2 minutes prior to the start time. Additionally, by acknowledging any mistakes that have occurred immediately, you’re respecting their time and investment. If your respectful of there schedule, they will return the favour.

Share Testimonials

Trust is hard to gain. That is why sharing other clients’ experiences with your company is a good first step to build that trust. Your clients want to see proof of how good your services are. Having these displayed on your website is a great way to build that trust even before you meet with your clients.  

You can sell your quality service as much as you want, however people will naturally trust other people, more than they trust marketing material. Testimonials will help aid the decision they’re going to make, whilst unknowingly building trust.

Meet your deadlines

It seems simple but the best way to build and maintain trust with your clients is to consistently meet your deadlines with quality work. If you miss your deadline, you could be throwing out an important date for your client. Especially when dealing with a property purchase or sale.

If your client asks you to meet an unrealistic deadline, respectfully explain that you won’t be able to complete the work by then. However you have to meet them in the middle. There will always be a way that you can compromise. Even by getting the work back to your client earlier then the extended deadline, your client will be very appreciative.

Be Transparent

Transparency is the key to creating trust with your clients as it helps eliminate any suspicions or anxieties your clients might have about the service you’re offering. By laying out the truth about your services, you’ll prove to them that you have their best interest in mind. If you don’t think you’ll make the deadline, tell them. The last thing they want is to be constantly sitting next to the phone or refreshing their emails waiting for you to respond. Better off being straight up, as soon as you’re aware.  If you’ve been open and honest with your clients from the start, then they’re more likely to keep working with you after minor setbacks.

Go above and beyond

Meeting your clients’ expectations will often produce a neutral response and not a hugely positive one. To improve trust you should aim to always exceed your clients expectations. Understanding a clients needs and wants prior to engaging your services can be a big help when it comes time to deliver. For example, knowing which deadlines are non-negotiable and delivering on time (or prior) will result in a greater trust for you and your services.  

In this uncertain time, it is more important than ever to build trust with your clients. By setting a foundation you will benefit your business by having more word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business.

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