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How Legal Professionals have adapted during COVID19

During this period legal professionals have found ways to adapt to the circumstances, above and beyond a business continuity plan. While working from home presents challenges, it’s important to retain your level of service and responsiveness.  Here some ways legal professionals have adapted to the new circumstances.
Legal Professionals are investigating using information brokers instead of councils.
Businesses were not the only operation that was affected but councils too. With restrictions affecting the operation of councils, legal professionals have been investigating other means of ordering Property Certificates and other council searches. Some councils have seen a slowdown in their processing time, meaning longer wait times for lawyers and delayed settlements.
This has seen an increase in firms flocking to information brokers, as they already have established relationships with councils. Along with the added benefits of having dedicated property certificate chasing teams, to reduce the time put into chasing up councils.
Engaging in other areas of Law
As COVID19 unfolded in Australia, firms that predominantly dealt with Property Law started to see an increase in certain matter types, such as Family Law. In fact, there has been a 40% increase in urgent application to the Family Court since the coronavirus pandemic hit. Additionally there has been an increase in Wills & Probate matters, with the governments being forced to move to digitally signed wills to cope with the demand during this time.
While the declining property market impacted a lot of firms, many were able to pivot their strategy, allowing them to continue their work, and keep their matters moving.
Future-Proofing their Business
Despite the obvious challenges caused by COVID19, legal professionals have been working towards future-proofing their business.
In the legal industry it is predominantly client-centric, meaning that the focus is on creating a positive experience for the client by maximising service offerings and building connections. By legal professionals maintaining and establishing a strong relationship with clients, it will help with cementing future transactions, along with increasing reputability.
Additionally, with the slowed business it has allowed for reflection on existing processes and how to improve on them, including the way they run their marketing, expenses, and operations. Taking this time to reflect and strategise will give lawyers a competitive edge once things return to normal.
COVID19 has encouraged events and other CPD offerings to move online.  With the increase in online events and tools to support legal professionals, it has allowed them to stay educated and remain an expert in their field. Education tools like Webinars, Courses, Seminars, and industry updates have enabled them to stay on top of their development as a professional.
Being able to adapt to any situation, is the new competitive edge. Not only does this help individual growth but it helps the continual growth of businesses. The changes currently being experienced by the legal industry are ones that may become permanent. The efficiencies of remote work and digital solutions have been realised by a lot of firms and they may never return to the way things were.
 Times of unprecedented change and unpredictability have put businesses to the ultimate test. The firms that come out healthy on the other side are the ones that have been flexible enough to change.

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