Getting Your Conveyancing Firm Tech-Ready for 2022 - triSearch

Getting Your Conveyancing Firm Tech-Ready for 2022

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In this 30-minute online Webinar, triSearch National Sales Manager, Mitchell Burge, and Sympli Property Lawyer & Manager, Practitioner Services QLD/VIC, Kassandra Humphries cover the future innovation of eConveyancing tools and how you can get your firm tech-ready for 2022.

Not only will this session equip you with the knowledge of what to expect in the future of the industry, but you will learn what tools currently exist in the industry and how they can shave off hours of tedious admin and re-keying important information in each sale and purchase matter.

Areas Covered:

  • Education on interoperability
  • Best practice for using eConveyancing platform
  • Powers of the right Practice Management System
  • Benefits associated between PMS integration and eConveyancing tools.

Mitchell Burge

triSearch National Sales Manager

Kassandra Humphries

Sympli Manager, Practitioner Services QLC/VIC

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triSearch is Australia’s all-in-one conveyancing solution. Access the seamless integration of Software, Search and eConveyancing tools, supported by one dedicated HelpDesk team.

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